Dynamic Art Projects for Children

"Amazing Art Projects for Children" is the Parent and Teacher resource for creating amazing art with children.

"Many people assume that if you give a child specific instructions you are suppressing their creativity. I have seen for myself that children thrive when they are presented with engaging ideas, images, and clear instructions. This approach gives them the confidence and the motivation to tackle challenging projects. Even children who don't usually gravitate to art discover motivation when they understand the process (what they need to do) and see the possibilities. It's that, "Oh I get it, I can do that" moment. Every creation is inevitably unique.

Children love art when they are successful at creating something impressive. It’s a great source of self-esteem and one of the few exercises in critical thinking (i.e., conceptualizing, analyzing, synthesizing creating, observing, and reflecting) that they will experience in grade school (a skill that is universally useful!). Every page is loaded with information, photography, student work, patterns, and templates you can use now!

I hope some of my project ideas will create a window into your child's imagination!

"Denise Logan's Amazing Art projects are a pick for both educators and parents working with kids. They're ideal for limited budgets, and they specialize in offering art projects that are keyed to high interest and successful outcomes. Other art project books for kids hold less detail. The beauty of Denise Logan's Amazing Art Projects lies in its numerous color photos, templates, pattern ideas, and in the fact that it's written instructions are accompanied by color photos all the way. Projects encourage diversity in artistic approach and thought. Few children's art guides are truly 'amazing' - but this earns its title, and is a top pick."

Midwest Book Review

Some of the art supplies Denise likes best!

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Other book available by Denise Logan published in 2005

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